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 Compay Name: Rianne Meijer
Date: June 2019

When Rianne got her first magazine cover (Cosmo Politan) , we celebrated it with this video. 


Compay Name: Ca ‘l Angeleta
Date: May 2019 Campaign for the clothing brand : Ca ‘l Angeleta. Cozy homewear to enjoy your little place in the world. Their mission is transform your house an a new place you can call home. 

Client: ESNS
Date: Jan 2019

Together with a team of 7 great filmmakers I got the opportunity to shoot but mainly edit the recaps for ESNS in.The festival is divided in Eurosonic and Noorderslag. Eurosonic is taking place the first three days during which European talent takes the stage in more than 30 venues in the city centre of Groningen. After that, Noorderslag is taking place in De Oosterpoort where Dutch talent gets the chance to present itself to the public.


Artist: The Bluebirds
Date: Sep 2018

A new musicvideo directed, shot and edited for The Bluebirds – Money

Artist: Inge van Calkar
Date: January 2019

A new musicvideo directed, shot and edited for Inge van Calkar – Hold you Hate you Love you Leave you. Also, check out the behind the scenes of this video (click right)!

Compay Name: Alita Smit
Date: May 2019
Website: –

A trailer for a roaring twenties dating event, to get you in the mood. 

Company: Spot Groningen
Date: Dec 2018

Exentric  –  A short series created by @spotgroningen and me to give great people who show their personality through the way they dress and different kind of brands a platform. It’s about confidence and being playfull, there is no right or wrong. To start of this series we found 3 amazing people who were willing to show us who they are and what they like to wear in the most eccentric and real way possible. We hope to inspire you to be confident in who you are and how you express yourself. If you have a clothing, jewerly or any type of brand or are a designer/model yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Now, enjoy watching these gorgeous people!

Artist: River – Inge van Calkar
Date: Sep 2018

Music video directed, shot and edited for Inge van Calkar her new single: River

Artist: Tolls
Date: Nov 2018

A few weeks ago I directed, shot and edited this music video for @tollsmusic with @engelsman_paul it was freezing but we managed to create this piece of art which I am super proud of. To give you a hint of the story: It is an artistic way of showing nowadays generation where our lives are on display and where we are always being observed / observing other people through social media and elsewhere. Though this life we are observing or displaying, isn’t necissarily the truth. 

* This video WON in the categorie “Best Music Video 2018” for IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) in Groningen! *

Company: Groninger Forum
Date: Nov 2018

“DO WE CU AT FORUM” Is a campaign I shot, directed and edited for “Het Groninger Forum” to activate and invite young creatives in and around Groningen to join a team to organise their own events.

Artist: CT Heida
Date: July 2016 / Jan 2018

Music videos made for CT Heida : Do you think of me / Little woman

Company: Spot / Spraakmakend
Date: Jan 2018

What are your new year’s resolutions? With Spot: Groningen I made a fun video about all the stereotypical people who are going to the gym. Filmed by: Americo Salas, directed and edited by me

Compay Name: Buddha 2 Buddha
Date: May 2016

All copyrights go to Vice, Fonk Film and Buddha 2 Buddha. This was a production I worked on during my internship as a production intern at Fonk Film.